Combat Self-aid & Buddy-aid Manikin

Model TYE9110
Product size(mm) 1760×540×250

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This male full-body manikin is designed for combat self-aid & buddy-aid training and assessment, including hemostasis, bandaging, immobilization, handling, resuscitation and ventilation. The product comes with multiple moulages and offers a convenient, cost-effective and great solution to on-site rescue and treatment.

Skills Gained

· Anatomical familiarity

· Multiple-position hemostasis

· Fracture handling and patient transfer

· Needle & surgical cricothyrotomy

· Tracheotomy

· CPR skills

· Airway management

· Needle decompression at the 2nd /3rd Intercostal space in the mid-clavicular line



· Anatomy: Correct anatomical structures and realistic bone landmarks

1)  Multiple body positions available due to movable neck, bilateral shoulder joints, elbow joints, wrist joints, hip joint, knee joints, etc.

2)  Complete and realistic airway anatomy, with a sealable mouth, nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea, left and right main bronchus; teeth, tongue, palatoglossal arch, palatopharyngeal arch, tonsil, glottis, epiglottis , uvula, etc.

3)  Gastric distention with esophageal intubation.

4)  Lower limbs can be connected to & removed from the torso just by hand, quick, easy and convenient.

· Versatility:

1)  Multiple bleeding sites and injury factors simulation with remote control including facial bleeding, scalp avulsion, neck bleeding, shoulder bleeding, forearm bleeding, palm bleeding, abdominal bleeding with intestinal leakage, calf bleeding, dorsalis pedis bleeding, thigh amputation bleeding, etc.

2)  Long bone fractures simulation like humeral shaft fractures, distal ulna and radius fractures, femur fractures, tibia and fibula fractures. Broken ends and bone friction can be felt. Realigning and splinting skills can be trained.

3) Various bandaging practices available with nearly all body parts.

4) For spiral injuries, a cervical collar can be used for immobilization. When the neck moves over an angle of 30 degrees, alarms can be heard.

5) Cricoid cartilage and thyroid cartilage can be palpated, allowing for needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy, tracheotomy. All the consumables can be replaced for repeated use.

6)  Tension pneumothorax can be simulated. Successful puncture comes with a sense of breakthrough and real air can be withdrawn by a syringe. The punctured skin can endure no less than 400 punctures with no air leakage.

· Durability: Full-body bionic bone structure with steel connections for enhanced durability.

· Key Features:

                        1)    Arterial pulsation can be felt at the proximal end of the bleeding site, and hemostasis can be achieved by use of pressure. The bleeding will stop automatically when the pressure reaches the set range.

        2)    It can simulate fresh wound bleeding of amputated limbs caused by explosions. The traumatic stress reaction of legs can be seen and unconscious movement occurs. The hemostasis can be achieved by applying a tourniquet.

        3)    Juncture area bleeding caused by blast and gunshot can be simulated, like abdominal explosion wound hemorrhageThe hemostasis can be achieved by packing.

        4)    Realistic effect of arterial pulse bleeding with adjustable speed. The pulse rate can be set from 40 beats/min to 120 beats/min.

        5)    Internal bleeding control system with 1.5L maximum bleeding volume.

        6)    Head tilt/chin lift & jaw thrust can be used with the manikin to open airway.  

        7)    Airway adjunct placement available with oropharyngeal & nasopharyngeal airway, ET tuebs, Laryngeal mask, combitube, double-lumen endobronchial tube, laryngoscope, etc.

        8)    Bag-valve-mask ventilation, LMA insertion and various intubation for ALS airway management. Mouth-to-mouth, simple respirator-to-mouth, ventilator-to-mouth and other ventilation methods can be applied with the manikin. Chest movement is visible for successful ventilation.

        9)    Alarms for chest compression depth over 5cm when performing CPR.


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